Dear Pierre and Van Zyl,

I recently bought a Suzuki Celerio from Meyer and I really want to commend him on his excellent service.

The whole experience was seamless – from test driving the car to the paperwork to updates on email, understanding we needed a week to get the money cleared and picking up the car. When we picked up the car on Saturday we noticed some small chips on the passenger door that weren’t there before, and Meyer immediately said he would sort out some touch-up paint and have it delivered to my husband’s work in Durbanville. When we signed the offer to purchase, we kept him at work an hour later than usual because Google said you were open till 2pm on Saturdays, and he didn’t even mention it till I asked. He really goes above and beyond.

Thank you so much for a delightful car buying experience! I’ll review you on HelloPeter and Google now.

Have a lovely day, Bridget